About Bahrain

Quick Facts
  • Capital: Manama
  • Official Language: Arabic
  • Area: 707 sq km (273 sq miles)
  • Population: 668,000
  • Currency: Bahrain Dinar (BD)
  • Time Zone: GMT/UTC +3
  • Calling Code: +973
  • General Information

    Known as the pearl of the Gulf, Bahrain’s reputation as a relatively liberal and modern island has made it a favourite with travellers in the region.

    Bahrain has a central geographic location to the Gulf states of Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates and is physically connected by road to Saudi Arabia – Saudi Aramco’s headquarters and the region’s largest single market.

    The island also offers a rich variety of recreational opportunities – from shopping, to world class restaurants to history and culture. To discover more visit www.bahrain.com